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Team Grant Proposal

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

The purpose of this assignment was to write a grant proposal to a funding source on behalf of a non-profit organization with a partner (Amari Douglas). This proposal analyzes Doggie Harmony’s need for resources by providing a description of the problem in the rescue industry and the company’s current situation. We then propose a detailed solution, including the costs, the staff required, and the impact the solution will have on Doggie Harmony and the current situation.

I worked with subject matter experts to ensure the accuracy and credibility of the proposal and formatted the PDF using Adobe Acrobat DC. My team worked collaboratively using online tools to complete the proposal. We then gave a 15-minute presentation to our peers in which we had to act as if we were presenting to the funding source. This provided me with professional and group presentation experience.


Designing Effective Proposals - TCOM 3020

Project Details

  • Date: February 2020

  • Tools: Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat DC, PowerPoint

  • Skills: Research Methods, Communication with subject matter experts, Editing

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