• Meghan Thompson

Outboard Engine Instructional Lab

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

The following instructional lab was completed in conjunction with a week-long lecture course on inline engine systems. This document was created so students could apply concepts and theories from the lecture to a real-world situation. To complete this project, I reviewed outboard technical support logs to determine a relevant lab topic for the engines discussed in the lecture. I then worked with a subject matter expert to gather resources and to locate an engine to complete the lab on. I wrote the lab with the engine directly next to me, recording each step that I completed on the engine to ensure it was accurate and necessary. This lab has been completed by over 150 students in the last year.

Project Details

  • Date: July 2019

  • Tools: Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Materials and equipment for lab

  • Skills: Writing, Instructional design, Editing, Engine disassembly, Photography

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