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On Board Magazine

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

On Board magazine is a bi-monthly technical publication written and developed for individuals in the Marine Service industry. This magazine provides technical advice and information about Yamaha outboard engines to over 9,000 readers. I develop content by approaching subject matter experts (SME) for industry-relevant topics and information. Then, I will write a rough draft to submit to the SME for review. Once I receive the approval that the information is credible, I edit and format the magazine with the support of Yamaha’s technical publications team.

I have spent a lot of time completing audience analysis’ to write on an academic level that is suitable for the workers in this industry. This document is written for an audience on a 9th-grade reading level.

Lastly, in late 2019, I submitted a proposal to reformat and redesign the magazine. The following document is the first issue of On Board magazine to feature my redesign.

Project Details

  • Date: April 2020

  • Tools: InDesign, Acrobat DC, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel

  • Skills: Technical writing, Photography, Audience analysis, Editing, Information design

All trademarks and intellectual property belong to the respective companies. This document contains many of the valuable trademarks and service marks owned and used by Yamaha throughout the world. The document may also contain references to other company, brand, and product names that may be the trademarks/service marks of their respective owners. Except where noted, these company, brand, and product names are used herein for identification purposes only, and references to any names, marks, products, or services of third parties do not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation of the third party or the products or services.

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