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Usability Test and Report: Glaze of Glory

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The purpose of the following document was to conduct a usability test on (Glaze of Glory’s website). We (3 team members and myself) conducted the tests outlined in the document to assess the user interface design of the entire website, but more specifically, the navigation bar, information prioritization, and visual aesthetics. We proctored six individual usability tests to users that had never seen or used the website prior to testing. The test consisted of five tasks expected of this site. Each test was structured, documented, and analyzed the exact same way for consistency in our results. We then compiled our results and created a usability test report that reveals both the strengths and weaknesses of the Glaze of Glory website. We also presented a PowerPoint presentation of our results as if we were presenting a website redesign proposal to the company. My role in this project was the lead writer. During the usability tests, I was responsible for providing materials to the team lead and documenting the results of the tests. I then began writing the report and creating graphics to support our findings.

For more information on this report, visit Brianna McBride's (Team Lead) overview of this project here:


Usability Testing - TCOM 4120


Spring 2019

Project Details

  • Date:

  • Tools: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, OneDrive, Screen recording software

  • Skills: Public speaking, Writing, Editing, Usability Testing


Amari Douglas - Lead Organizer

Brianna McBride - Team Lead

Dana Little - Lead Editor

Meghan Thompson - Lead Writer

*The name of the store has been changed to "Glaze of Glory" to protect the privacy of the establishment.*

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